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Lima, New York 14485

Tel: 585-269-4718

Plughz Wet/Dry grooming glove specifically made for your equine partner. The gloves have a full palm of gentle bristles like a traditional curry brush but with the flexibility of a glove. The gloves allow you to work in hard to reach places yet is gentle enough for use on their face and other sensitive areas. Use both hands at once - no need to remove the gloves to use a hose, pick up a bottle or grab a towel!

-Contains no latex
-Flexible and lightweight
-Keep your hands and nails clean
-Velcro at wrist so they won’t fall off in soapy water

Plughz Wet/Dry Grooming Glove

  • Wendy Hammond, founder & owner:

    Plughz was founded to solve the problem of getting horses into the show ring - naturally.  The welfare of the horse is the first priority - Plughz collaborates with riders, trainers and equine specialists to come up with solutions that are tested, natural and safe.