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The Piccoli Horse is more than just a plush toy and makes an excellent gift for any horse lover!  They keep your child focused on the here and now, helping them build memories to last a lifetime.  Recommended for ages 2-7 although these soft, plush horses are hard to resist at any age! 


Each Classic Horse has a unique show name - under each saddle you will find a code.  Enter the code into the Piccoli App or website and the horse's show name will appear.  Your child can then continue to name the horse's barn. 


Download the Piccoli Zoo app created by parents, educators and experts to help children learn and practice their growing speaking skills.  This is an interactive app and teaches children how to improve motor skills and language development.  Help your child practice their growing conversation skills by incorporating movements, tangible objects and images from the child's own world.  Makes learning how to speak fun and universal for all our children!


Each saddle will be a unique print and will vary in color & pattern


Piccoli Classic 14" Plush Horse

  • Kimberly Rogers, CEO, Piccoli™ Horses

    In the beginning I set out to help my son, Dylan. He was 3 years old when doctors discovered gradual on-set hydrocephalus, a genetic brain disease. Shortly after his first neurosurgery to alleviate intracranial pressure, I was told my son had to learn to speak.  "English, his native language, is a foreign language to him," his doctor explained.

    Experts in child development told me that we human beings have to stay engaged in physical play for language to develop.  I've taken what I have learned over the past 15 years and created Piccoli, a technology-based toy company, designed to introduce children to the fun of learning foreign languages.