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Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Technology incorporated into a quilted dressage square pad. The combination of Therawool™ and the multiple optional, shimmable inserts make it a must-have. The wool fleece is positioned only where it is needed - under the saddle, not under the leg.


Included: 2 sets of Memory Foam Light Anti-slip full-sized inserts. To browse additional insert options, look at our insert options available for purchase.


One size. 


Fleeceworks has taken the same wool fibers used in their sheepskin products and woven them onto a poly/acrylic backing.  Therawool™ is a durable and affordable alternative to sheepskin: breathable, washable, hydrophilic and protective with thermal balancing qualities.  It is considered a sustainable fiber verses a live fiber.  Fleeceworks' Therawool™ is soft and plush even after washing.  It does not clump up and harden after washing as with other wools currently on the market. It returns to its original appearance with brushing.


The release of the line is a culmination of a lengthy development and testing process which assures that customers are delivered a product that holds to the Fleeceworks' standard - maximum performance, minimum bulk.  Tough enough for daily use. Beautiful enough for show.

Fleeceworks Therawool™ Quilted Dressage Square pad w/ Perfect Balance Technology


    Length: 23.25" as measured from the inside of the edge trim, front to back along the spine

    Drop: 21.25" as measured from the middle top line of the pad to the lowest outer edge of the flap

  • Please go to the FAQ section for a downloadable PDF on caring for your Fleeceworks product