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Anatomically correct bamboo-lined close contact all-purpose pad. Exterior is crisp cotton/poly with 1/2 inch diamond pattern. The underside has a layer of bamboo fiber behind cotton/poly to wick moisture, disburse heat and provide firm support. Bamboo is noted for its antibacterial qualities. No foam filler in this pad. Girth strap accommodates traditional and mono-flaps. Retains its quality and professional appearance after washing. Machine washable. Dryer safe.

One size.


Bamboo fabrics are considered sustainable as they are woven from the pulp of the bamboo plant, which is one of the most rapidly growing grasses on earth. It is naturally smooth and round without spurs that may be found in the hemp plant. It is light, yet strong with excellent wicking properties.  The natural fibers provide additional support, without bulk, and draw the hot sweat off of the horses' backs.

Fleeceworks Easy Care Bamboo Quilted Contour Cross Country Pad


    Length: 22" as measured from the inside of the edge trim, front to back along the spine

    Drop: 19.5" as measured from the middle top line of the pad to the lowest outer edge of the flap

  • Please go to the FAQ section for a downloadable PDF on caring for your Fleeceworks product