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Benefab's Smart Therapeutic Poll Pad fabric is made up of ceramic nano-particles that emits far-infrared rays keeping muscles supple and relaxed.  The pad helps harmonize bodily functions safely and naturally - stimulating recovery time, promoting blood circulation, increasing oxygen flow, and ultimately reducing pain and stiffness.  It features 2 magnets (2400 gauss) in the center of the Poll Pad to target key acupressure points on the poll or brow area (Governing Vessel 24).  Each magnet is enclosed in a soft cushion for enhanced comfort.


The material is breathable and has wicking qualities.  Velcro enclosures make the pad easy to put on or take off.  Can be used over the Poll, Noseband, Chin strap, or Brow Band on any Western or English bridle or on most halters.

Benefab™ Therapeutic Poll Pad

  • Machine washable. Wash COLD with a mild detergent. Line dry.

  • Kat Chrysostom, founder & owner of Benefab:

    As a horse person and rider since childhood, in 2011, I suffered a riding injury that left me temporarily paralyzed with a triple fracture of the C-2 vertebrae. I was told that I would never ride again. After three long months in a halo traction device, I found myself left with four excruciatingly painful and slow healing holes in my skull.


    Doctors recommended far-infrared light therapy. Over time, the pain and swelling decreased and my migraines diminished. I became fascinated by the therapeutic impact of far-infrared light therapy and discovered how infused fabrics can have a similar affect. Through rigorous research, I discovered how electromagnetism can be a natural healing remedy and how it helps joint and muscle stiffness, edema, and circulatory disorders – both in the human and animal body.


    Throughout my journey to recovery, I studied in the Far East and attended the Shanghai HOFRA equine trade show. While at the show, I met a Taiwanese manufacturer who fabricated technical materials that incorporated therapeutic properties, including ceramics, which emit a low-range, invisible ray of light (far-infrared rays) on the electromagnetic spectrum.


    Soon after, I began designing and testing the first products in the Benefab® line. Now, I work with veterinarians, therapists, and professional riders across the U.S. to educate people about the performance benefits and healing properties of ceramic-infused fabrics, medical grade magnets and electromagnetism.


    I encourage you to join me in educating people about therapeutic wearables and preventative wellness. I look forward to continuing this journey as we help people and animals live healthier, happier lives.