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Appys have a special place in my heart

This is one of my favorite photographs.  Breezy - my first horse, my faithful teacher and the  inspiration for my brand.  Rafael captured it during a clinic at the end of a long afternoon and I definitely was more brain fried than Breezy!​  I always had trouble keeping a saddle from slipping on his wide flat back, hence the breast collar.  It was on this afternoon that I borrowed a Rydair saddle pad - and spent more time actually riding than working to stay centered on his back.  I realized what a difference the right pad could make!  The following year my cousin Marty brought my own Rydair from Australia....and a business idea started to incubate.

Why saddle pads?

Saddle pads - it's not a piece of our equipment that we give much thought to, as compared to the saddle. We can spend thousands of dollars on a saddle and then toss on the same pad we've used forever.  Yet research shows that the saddle pad is as important as the saddle that sits upon it - for all types of horses  and all types of riders.  A proper fitting saddle and saddle pad work together, as a team - just like you and your horse.

I sell mostly saddle pads....guess how many funny looks I get when I give that answer to the "so what do you do for a living" question.  Focusing on this specific piece of equipment allows me to learn so much about equine movement, mechanics, and saddle fitting.  Not to mention, I get to talk "horse" with so many great people that I meet!

I love the variety of saddle pads that we carry - from plain quilted cotton to the luxury of fine sheepskin, from simple to highly technical & therapuetic.  I don't carry every pad on the market - I carefully evaluate pads & manufacturers to make sure it will be a win-win for us both.

And then there's the fun stuff!

I say "mostly" saddle pads because I go to the buying shows and it's REALLY hard to stay focused on just saddle pads mixed among the handmade leather boots & beautiful trendy clothing.  I've branched out, ensuring that I represent complementary products from other woman-owned businesses.  

Like many small start-ups, there's lots of support from family & friends.  Special thanks to Rachel Newcomb of HUSDesigns for getting this website up & running - FINALLY!  And to Rafael Acosta - for all the moral support and the amazing photography, some of which are featured on the website.  The best not-so-silent silent partner there is!

Thanks for stopping in, we really do want to be your saddle pad go-to resource.  Happy riding!


Brooke Buzard
Founder, 15 hands horsewear